A Career of Constant Change: Laurie Booth

podcast Oct 18, 2023

Today, we’re talking about DIVERSITY with our special guest, Laurie Booth, Director of Talent Attraction at GBG Plc. Employing over 1300+ people, GBG are the leading experts in digital identity and provides fraud prevention solutions to some of the largest businesses worldwide.

In this episode, we discuss everything you need to know about ‘GENDER DIVERSITY’ and attracting top female tech talent into your organisation.

Stay tuned to the end to discover why diverse teams are more profitable. Learn WHY you need to focus on skills and not experience to entice GEN Z into your workplace.

List of topics covered in the episode: #diversity #wellbeing #retention #recruitment

Connect with Laurie Booth on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurie-booth-a485b244/

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