Top 10 Mistakes Made When Recruiting Recruiters


Recruitment companies are recruiting again. The ‘war for talent’ has started once more (did it ever stop?) and thousands of recruitment consultant jobs are being advertised on the job boards and recruitment-to-recruitment specialist agencies are getting steadily busier. It is imperative that we don’t make the same mistakes we made previously when re-staffing our teams. Forget about ‘double … [Read more...]

How not to fire recruitment consultants

How not to fire recruitment consultants

As a young first time recruitment manager a very long time ago, my boss called me one day and told me that I had to fire someone in my team. It turned out that the new recruitment consultant Mark, had lied on his application form by saying ‘No’ to the question, ‘Do you have a criminal record not considered spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974?’. I asked my boss, a short hard-nut … [Read more...]

How To Set Goals For Recruiters

Goals are the most powerful management and training tools that we have as recruiters. Unfortunately most recruitment business owners misuse them so much they become totally ineffective. We often wait until the second or third month to set goals for our new (rookie) recruiter. We call him or her into our office, ask them how much they want to earn this year. The new recruiter says “£50k” and we … [Read more...]

Is Headhunting sexy or wrong?

I was recently invited to design and deliver a training session on ‘Headhunting’ by the Directors of a very well known and extremely large recruitment company. The training session was for a group of their senior recruitment managers and was to be delivered in the boardroom of their head office. I started the training as I normally do by inviting recruiters to explore and share words that describe … [Read more...]

My campaign to send Recruiters home at 5pm

As a manager, living with my partner and father of two young children I understand acutely the challenge in trying to balance work with home life commitments. I remember whilst working as the director of one of the UKs’s largest recruitment companies having to constantly force a particular senior recruitment consultant working for me in Manchester to leave the office and go home to spend time with … [Read more...]

Recruiters using YouTube to improve performance

Recruiters using YouTube

I have just worked with a client and found a fantastic, inexpensive, easy-to-introduce YouTube tool to train and motivate your recruitment teams that I would like to share with you. Many of you will already know that I have always seen and endorsed the benefits of recruiters creating internal ‘deal story tapes’. For the uninitiated, it involves you recording yourself ‘walking thru the deal’ … [Read more...]

Is your recruitment boss a ‘MAXPAX scrooge’ or a ‘Daddy Starbucks’?

In the recruitment offices of yesteryear, coffee and tea breaks were comical unless you were the newest recruiter to join. There was a strict hierarchical system in place within most recruitment offices and a unique set of rules to be obeyed. Rule #1-the recruitment business owner or recruitment manager never made coffee. Rule #2 – the newest recruiter ALWAYS made the teas/coffees. Rule #3 – … [Read more...]

How to fail as a billing recruitment manager

The position of billing manager or team leader in any recruitment company can often feel like the toughest job in the world. A recruiter joins a company and because she bills well and shows an aptitude to help and train other recruiters she is promoted to manage a team. Soon she has three to four recruitment consultants within her group. The team are always asking her questions and she is … [Read more...]

Has computerisation really helped recruiters improve?

You’re damned right it has! The reality is that the recruiting world is a very different place from where it was say twenty years ago (hey even 5 years ago). Some of you reading this will laugh out loud whilst others will wince at the memory when I say that 20 years ago most recruiters didn’t have a PC on their desk. Forget recruitment CRM’s like Trisys, Bond and Voyager you were lucky if you … [Read more...]

Telecoms for recruiters – there’s a bloody app for everything!

Walking into a modern recruitment consultancy today with state of the art telecommunications systems is a far cry from recruitment agency offices of twenty years ago. Today’s recruiters benefit from phone systems that integrate with their CRM recruitment databases and business analysis tools. Digital call recording can be used for training and legal /compliance purposes (and to show your boss how … [Read more...]